I Hate Popups


I thought we were in age of internet technology that moved past the infamous popups. With tools like Google Chrome and anti-adware security services, the ability to sift out the garbage should be automatic right? But alas, this annoying feature is costing my interest in certain sites.

One of my pop-up nemeses is Freelancefolder.com. Since I’m constantly researching for my own freelance business, looking for trends and tips, I frequently come across an informative title that captures my attention. “Hmm…” I think to myself, “I should learn more about ’10 Surefire Tips to Attract More Clients’ because I am not one of the fortunate few that has a never ending supply of clients”. So I happily click on the link and await the magical world of 10-easy-tips your mom could do in her sleep – which in an of itself should trigger violent retching, because the tips in “Top X” lists are typically written for the cross-eyed bath salt abusers.

But ever the optimist I gleefully skip into the double-rainbow (so intense) and clap my hands in happy expectation – BUT WAIT! What is this? What is happening?!

The content is disappearing in cloud of grey fog as if the Nothing was coming to envelope my Never Ending Story! POR QUEEEE!!!!!

Just when I though my doom was complete, a box materializes out of the fog proclaiming salvation, but for a price. The faceless box cheerfully asks me to fill out my information to sign up for a wondrous newsletter filled with puppies and chocolate chip cookies (how do they know my weakness?).

“Why would I do that mystical box? Why would I give you my information when you haven’t even let me  taste your wares? You say that your cookies are warm and delicious, but how can I tell if you don’t provide some demonstration? Just a little waft of that delicious fresh-out-of-the-oven smell would suffice!”

If you are considering placing one of these annoying features on your website, please don’t. I beg you. The fact that viewers can close the maddening form is little comfort. If a pop-up appears on a site, I’ve taken to closing the page altogether before the form even has time to load. I will not give you the chance. Know why? Because Google says that there are 3,483,003.14159265359 results where I can find the same information and the likelihood that one of the millions of results doesn’t have annoying pop-ups is very high.

There are great things that people are doing with websites to help market to readers. Pop-ups are not among those things and reminds me of the days when your screen would get flooded with uncontrollable widows spreading like the plague. It is reminiscent of a tactic used by sleazy people. Which makes me think that you are unprofessional, especially when compared to the nice people who let me enjoy their beautiful content even though I left crumbs all over their nice furniture.

There is one case where I overlooked this transgression: FreelanceSwitch.com. They have some useful information for freelancers that I keep coming back to. Thank the heavens they seem to have figured out that pop-ups are really annoying, because they have stopped and I am allowed enjoy the material, hassle free. But their content was good enough to look past Zuul (gatekeeper… of Gozer… you know, Ghostbusters).

Point being: I hate popups and will go out of my way to avoid them and I advocate a wide protest on sites that use this demon spawn ad tool. If you hate popups as much as I do, let’s create a list of sites that use them and boycott their services to send a message. I’ll start by boycotting Freelancefolder.com. Who do you suggest?