Forethought, Preparation, Sometimes Brute Force


Good productions look easy, but are bigger than we realize. 

For over ten years now I’ve moved in and out of the entertainment industry in backbreaking, but really fun work. Holding jobs like stage hand, audio technician, theater tech, etc, and through those experiences I’ve been exposed to what is essentially the opposite of what the audience sees. Through it all I have noticed that the line between great and terrible shows typically hinges one thing: hard work.

I know I’ve harped on the topic of hard work before so let me add a disclaimer here: this is not an tirade about American Exceptionalism or a strong work ethic. I simply want to take a minute to remember that what we often take for granted takes a lot of forethought, preparation, and sometimes, brute force. Having experienced more than anyone should endure of brute force, I have really come to enjoy a well planned, well executed presentation. Take for example one of my favorite science shows of all time, Radiolab. This thought provoking show does a pretty good job of flipping scientific questions around and looking at perspectives not usually considered.

So when hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich put together a behind the scenes video I jumped at the opportunity to see how it all goes down. The small peek they give us is pretty surprising and worth sharing. By the way, if you enjoy mind-bending, philosophical questioning with a little bit of quirkiness, then you should check out their show. Here is one of my favorite stories:


But the whole reason I brought you here was to share the behind-the-scenes view of producing good work. Enjoy!