Graphic Design Is Everywhere

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Watch The Universal Arts of Graphic Design on PBS. See more from Off Book.

Graphic design is everywhere and influences how we approach the world. It’s not just making pretty pictures, it’s crafting an image that fits the space it occupies and the job it needs to accomplish. 

PBS Offbook is a fun series of design vignettes made for the A-D-D brain. It’s a great way to see snapshots of the world through artist’s eye without engaging in the droll, “mwa-mwah”, highfalutin discussions about what it means or how it speaks to you. So I highly recommend Offbook for all you short attention-spanned media junkies who want to discover more about art and design. 

Anyway, this episode, aptly named The Universal Arts of Graphic Design, seemed appropriate since it peeks inside the functionality of the biz. Yep. I just used that word. Bizzzzzz. Does it make you cringe a little? I’ll admit. It makes me gag. Just a bit.

Graphic design is everywhere and despite what some of you – names unmentioned – may think about people who make pictures for a living, it’s important to remember that a good artist tries to make the image work in your favor. If you are a mom’n’pop shop, a wedding designer, a robot, or  a monkey, a graphic designer makes stuff that is not just pretty, but works to leverage imagery and text in you favor. 

I know designers can be expensive, but it’s for a good reason as you can see. So watch the video and let us help you be better. We really do like to work for cool people like you trying to make a better place. 



“Mwa-mwa, mumwa-mwah.” That’s how fancy people sound.