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This video comes from DKNG, a world-class design studio that earned their chops in the rock poster world. One day I hope to be as good as these guys, but what is really interesting is that they post process videos on their website.

For someone like me who geeks out on behind-the-scenes stuff like this there is a treasure trove of information on design processes. More and more studios are posting process videos (or if you’re Googling more videos try the misnomer “time lapse”) and I think it’s partly there to show how much work goes into illustrations, partly to provide a bona fides, and partly to be part of a pretty cool community.

DKNG is totally into sharing their gifts using the relatively new online education service Skillshare. For $19.00 US you can learn some of their tricks right now, right here, a service that I will soon be partaking in.

Now, on the surface this design looks simple – a text logo with some nice color. Once you watch the video you start to see that it takes a lot more time than just planting down some free fonts. What you don’t see is that Dan Kulhken, one half of DKNG, often illustrates with paper and pencil after several days of discussion and research.

While the people who are buying these services will probably not give a flying F@$K about process (more on this later) there seems to be a rather large misconception about how easy things are with technology. On the flip side I’m really encouraged to see how far I can push my skills. With videos like this, not only am I learning a little, but I can see that it’s just a matter of putting in the time to craft really good work.

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