Design Douches

Graphic Design

As graphic designers go we tend to over think things and the new school of thought seems to be a bit highfalutin: design for social good; create the best possible design; push for creativity and quality; don’t settle for less; the customer doesn’t know good design if it sat on his face… and much more. Sometimes we carried away – guilty as charged – and we need to remember that not everyone cares about what we do. It’s our job to care about what we do, yes, but everyone else has their place in society and their own set of troubles.

So this no-nonsense advice from Saul Bass can help us design douches to just get over ourselves a little. Aesthetics is the job of the artist. Not the client. It is our job to worry about beauty and sometimes that comes at a cost. It’s your choice where to take it. Suck it up and design-on!

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