Artist Highlight: Seanwes

Business, Graphic Design

Sean McCabe is a typographist, a word I just made up, and the man behind Seanwes where Sean’s hand lettering inspires us to just give up on typography. By accident I came across McCabe while searching “how to give myself eye surgery with a Micron pen” and saw that he had some really fantastic work. So I’m sharing this here, not just because he make letters cool, but because I am always fascinated by how people got their start.

McCabe is not a very dynamic speaker and really the more I come into contact with designers the more I realize that we are not a very personable bunch. And I don’t know if there is some reason why designers are becoming more geeky, but it’s good to remember that we are not public speakers by trade. However, if you get hooked on insider information, McCabe and his partner Ben Toalson have a podcast that delves into the independent business mindset and provides some good monotone advice for the crafter.