New Store Front Openning

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For a while now I’ve been looking for an option to help people get more direct access to my goods and I think I have a solution. A few people have mentioned a hesitation to buy from Etsy and I guess I understand some of it. We are drowning in complicated passwords and email marketing. It is such a huge hassle to create a new account, track the endless passwords and block the notifications. And unless I’m going to give the Etsy more money to set up yet another webpage, there’s no way to buy without registering for an account. I need to make it easier to buy. Not to mention that some of my prints don’t necessarily fit in with the cozy, good-feeling vibe, and female driven tastes that Etsy is trying to promote. I mean, fart jokes are awesome, but I don’t think hipsters aren’t really into school-boy humor. I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong.

Well, starting today, I’m going to try out an option provided by my mobile credit company and see how it goes. So now when you click on my “Store” link on this website it will take you to the Square sponsored storefront where you can order prints directly from me. No complicated logins to remember. No advertising. No hassle. Just unfiltered vulgarity beamed straight to your home from my demented brain.

Check it out.


Yosemite by Robert Olson

Yosemite Handmade Art Print


Yosemite by Robert Olson

My mind was blown when we came up on Tunnel View and saw the valley for the first time. Pictures didn’t do it justice and nothing that I could ever create would come close to seeing it in person, but for those of us who have been there it beckons.

When we parked to take in the view I remember thinking, “I wonder what would it would have been like before crowds of people taking selfies where here?”

Then it occurred to me that if I can imagine it, I can draw it.

Yosemite Handmade Art Print now available on Etsy for 14.99 USD

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Dino Beer Poster: Tricerahops IPA


Dino Beer Poster: Tricerahops IPA now available on Etsy for 14.99 USD

from Etsy

Velocity Raptor Now Available

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Velocity Raptor

Get ready kids ’cause Velocity Raptor is coming for your guts. My new 11×17, two-color poster is on Etsy, so get out your credit cards and grab the first poster from the upcoming trilogy for only $14.99.

There are 50 handmade prints and will soon start prepping the next batch so be sure to look out for Pterodact Ale and Tricera Hops.

Father’s Day Is Coming




Father’s Day is on June 21st and what can be better than sharing the legends of film and steel with your own legend – your dad – on his day. This set of matching biker-black prints will enhance any Man-Cave with it’s hand-printed American quality that draws from movie and motorcycle classic legends Marlon Brando and Clark Gable. Get yours today on Etsy and use the code FATHERLEGENDS to get 20% off orders of $30.00 or more until June 20th.

Clark Gable Motorcycle

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The Harley Davidson 1934 RL was born to American legend. Conceived in the wake of the Great Depression and reaching maturity alongside American troops in WWII, this flathead V-twin broke new ground in motorcycle technology while helping Harley emerge as a preeminent manufacturer following the Depression.

Another American classic, Clark Gable, famed for Gone With The Wind, would purchase a RL in 1934 and ride into four of his movies: Chained, Manhattan Melodrama, Men in White, and It Happened One Night.

While Gable has been criticized by some as a dandy, his undeniable charisma and WWII cred flying missions over Europe make it hard to deny that Gable is truly a man apart. Nicknamed the King of Hollywood during his time, Gable and the RL seemed destined for one another.

This is the second in a three-part series offering tribute to the legends of motorcycling machinery and the men that rode, serving as inspiration to whiskey drinking and meat-eating.

Hand-pulled – manly style – means that no two posters are the same. Just like each legend is an individual, each print has it’s own personality, alive with the spirit of independence, freedom, and the dream to ride.

Now available for your man-cave at Etsy.



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Printing Idiot

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Motorcycle Screen Print

My first screen print

Time to make the next step, which for me means trying to go from dunce to pro in this slightly idiotic adventure in printing.

Now On Etsy: Robert C. Olson


Etsy is a rad site full of creative people trying to bring some personal love to the world and I’m nervous, but excited to take a small step into this competitive market. Don’t act too impressed, there’s not a lot going on just yet, but in the coming months I’ll be attempting to make my own screen prints based on some of the designs you’ve seen here.

If there’s anything that you’d like to have on your wall, let me know and I’ll work to get it into the store.

Stop by and give me a shout:



Copyright 2014 © Robert C. Olson

Jekyll & Hyde



Jekyll & Hyde

Jekyll & Hyde

My first screen print! Thanks to Joseph Gaitan of Guardian of Bravery Printing for the fine work. After a long search it feels good to take those first steps, but what a trip getting here.

Wedding Owl



A friend of ours got married over Memorial Day weekend and instead of buying a card to attach to their wedding gift I thought it would be a nice touch to create a card especially for the newlyweds.

The inspiration came from a roll of craft paper found at World Market to wrap the gift. The owl pattern had a retro look that is really popular right now which uses subdued colors. I tried to match a couple of the colors and purchased ribbon to go with it as well – the straw kind that comes in multiple strands. I’m sure there is a name for that kind of ribbon that I’m not aware of, but the point here is that the whole thing was “tied” together nicely.

The inside of the card reads, “Owl you need is love.”