Fugscreen Studios

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Making screen prints can be an exciting and addicting process because it takes an idea that only existed in you head and makes it become a part of the real world. There is nothing more thrilling than seeing something come to life and like Elenkoff says, there are only a handful of these created. The community is really great too and I’ve had experiences – on a different level – with people who want to talk shop and share.

Robots Rule

Robot Junkie


There’s something about robots that I cannot get enough of. I think I was meant to be an industrial designer, creating sleek lines like a luxury car on a self propelled automaton. This video comes by way of Imgur (thanks Imgurians) and will probably stir up some robot sketches.


Connecting Inspiration


Micah Ganske, along with people like Simon StålenhagCold Design Ltd or Ian McQue, have made a living bringing the future into reality. Though I’m not sure how much Ganske does the sort of industrial design that others do for games or movies. However what interests me isn’t the design-y art work, but his take on inspiration.

I’ve been thinking about how inspiration works in my life and making connections is one way seeing the relationship between creative work and where ideas come from. However, my memory isn’t great and making connections can be a surreal experience if it happens at all. To a degree I feel more free although I do worry about losing it all one day.

What Ganske and I agree on here is that inspiration comes almost after the fact. I don’t think about connections before I start creating. I create and find connections stepping forward from the darkness while I’m working. It’s strange really. And makes it difficult to find and tap the endless well of inspiration.

For Ganske’s part speed plays an important role. For me it’s getting out of my seat and exploring the world.

Lots of Dots

Video: Dots


It can be fun to see other artist’s processes. It can be intimidating too. Personally I don’t know that I would attempt something as time consuming as Miguel Endara’s tribute to his father, but right now I don’t feel confident enough to really experiment either. I’ll keep chipping away at it though.

Buck the Cubicle Pt2

Video: Buck The Cubicle Pt2


As someone who wants to find independence through work myself, this stuff speaks to my heart. Firing your boss is the ultimate dream for many I think and if this guy can make dirt balls and go solo, you can too.

Buck the Cubicle Pt1

Video: Buck The Cubicle Pt 1


Making a slow go at finding my own freedom to work at home, this video (one of two at the time of this writing) provides a tasty snapshot of one man who stands on his own two feet by working metal into art. Nice inspiration for going solo.

Video: Man Vs Machine

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It fascinates me that technology is invading our sense of humanity more and more every day. Jobs that we once thought were safe from mechanization and automation are coming under pressure as information and computing power advance. The under lying questions are existential: what, if anything, makes us special? What will we do if we completely automate our lives?

Today’s video doesn’t necessarily propose or answer such conundrums, but it does pose some very frightening possibilities for our future.

See you next month.

Video: The Sum Of A Man’s Life

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/134752559 width=750]

Art is sometimes the only means for a person to assert their being against a world both big and small.

Sometimes it can feel like shouts into nothingness.

While I may never share the experiences that have stirred the feelings shared in today’s video, I have touched the face absence. Felt the pangs of losing one’s identity.

Video: Craftsmanship and Artistry of Michael Robbins

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Honing a craft. It’s what drives us to build hobbies and create cools things for people to enjoy, sometimes without making a dime. Finding that passion within yourself to refine and develop a spirit, a skill, and happiness brings us immense sense of purpose and gratitude for a job well done, or a moment of peace from an otherwise chaotic life.

We are driven to hone a craft for no other reason than to simply be in our element. I for one have been striving to take my talents to a higher level. To create, not just detail, but to try and tap emotion and an inner calling that lives in all of us. And I think it’s pulling me in a new direction.

This month’s First Friday Video is mini-doc about Michael Robbins who makes beautiful furniture even though his training comes from a different place. Enjoy.

Printing With Uncle Rob


A short process video. Because I think some learn better visually.

I take you through the process of making a single print color and while it is the short version leaving out many smaller details, I think it’ll give you and idea of what goes into making a print. Remember, I have to do this process for each single color.