California Sunset Series

California’s sunsets are some of the best in the world partly because we are fortunate enough to have really great landmarks. Inspired by the cotton candy colors we often get with ocean side sunsets, I’m introducing a new line of 8 by 10 inch prints featuring some of California’s local landmarks in my attempt to capture those rich, calming colors.

The first three come from places that hit close to home for me. Places that I love spending time in for their culture, friendship, and ability to strike you heart. In the future I hope to expand to all areas of California, and who knows, maybe places across the US. The only qualification that I make is that I have to visit the place that I print.

This year I wanted to get back to printing having taken a haiatus due to a family tragedy. Eager to get back into it I rediscoverd that I’m not a great printing and like all my prints there were issues that appeared as I was printing. Not that anyone would notice, but I really wanted to get a darker, bluer color for the shadows. As it stands, these color combinations are a little grating for me. Also, I messed up on a color separation, for an alternate Tustin print – screen printing requires that each color be separated into a single screen for printing – so I will not be selling those. However I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to to anyway. I printed some to see how they turned out and maybe reserve as an alternate, but with the mistake the decision was made for me.

After all the craziness the last few months I’m really glad to get back on the horse. Feels good to print again and I’m hoping to keep the momentum going to make this the most productive year yet!

Prints are available online on my Etsy store: OlsonRC.


Copyright © 2017 Robert C. Olson


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