Cards From Space

Bit of a sad story here. As you may have read, my Mother passed away recently. Before going to meet her maker she asked me to turn one of my posters into a Christmas card – which she had a long history of sending out to friends.

I wasn’t satisfied with reworking artwork that was created for a different format. Bringing 11×17 into 4×3 was going to be a lot of work and anyway I had a better idea: what if I captured the solar system as it appeared on Christmas Day?!

I got to show Mom the card before she passed, but she was so sick I don’t think was into it. Plus, she was really traditional and this was probably a little to far for her to reach.

Anyway, I wrapped this project up just as she was going into the hospital and I didn’t release it until we were well into the new year. I must have rushed it, because the colors got swapped from the original design. Oh well. Guess that means I’ll have to reprint these.

You can get your own set at Esty right now.

Copyright © 2016 Robert C. Olson

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