Cowboys and Indians

Styled after retro, 1950s and 60s Western book illustrations and toy packaging this pair of screen prints is created to be a set. Originally I thought, “Mortal enemies locked in combat,” but when a friend arranged them back to back it became clear that they could just as easily be fighting FOR each other – on the same team, ya know?

So however you choose to look at it fun was had in making these two prints.

For this print I broke down and purchased a custom color kit. So now I’m making my own colors and there are technically three water based colors on the print that was later cut into two: coral (orangey-yellow), sea-foam (greenish-blue), and black. Paper is Modero Beach French Paper 100 lb cover. Final cut to 8 inches by 10 inches – a common photo size.

Available on Etsy.


Copyright © 2016 Robert C. Olson

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