Farts Are Still Funny

If you’re not chuckling even a little, we can’t be friends.

This one was cooked up a long time ago (I had six concepts formed earlier this year), but now has finally come to fruition. Noticing that other artists are rejuvenating old sayings and concepts from childhood and beyond I looked around to see if anyone had capitalized on this gem yet and so far no takers.

Don’t mind if I do.

Hand drawn text continues the goal of working more illustrative elements into my work and improving my skills overall. Not great, but going for that organic, cage free look. And ever since I purchased that custom color kit I’ve been having a blast making my ideas come to life. This print is a two color, green-on-green jobbie* on 100 pound cover stock “True White” from French Paper Co perfectly sized for an eight by ten inch picture frame. I have to say the color looks magnificent and proves once again that screen printing does things that no digital format can do. My wife even likes it… because of the colors mostly, but I’ll take what I can get.

Who Ever Smelt It Dealt It (yes I know it’s poor grammar you pretentious prick) goes live on Etsy for $9.99. I suggest putting one in your bathroom. Or at the very least in the bedroom to serve as a warning for the impending dutch oven.



*NSFW – if you get a chance Google “jobbie nooner” to see crunk Midwestern boobs.



Copyright © 2016 Robert C. Olson

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