Metal Band Rock Poster

Grand Lord High Master has been rocking in Los Angeles for years now, screaming into the night at small clubs, trash bars, and even on big-time stages at major festivals. So when my friend of – Jesus – fifteen years or so, Nathan, approached me about making a poster I said hell yes!

I’d like to think that this is one of my best posters yet and after years of farting around with print making I can see some improvements over older designs, but this project is also an example of what can be achieved when you give an artist some space to create. I had a lot of fun coming up with the concept and everyone loves it. So far. We’ll see how it does this week when the band releases it’s fresh album along side this new poster.

If you are a metal head and live near LA you can see GLHM at a couple of events this week. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram for more information. Check out their Bandcamp page to listen in on their music and if you dig it buy some vinyl or a cassette tape from KillxAllxMusic record company, based here in LA.

One new addition that you might notice on this print is the Gato Sueño signature. I’ve been wanting to create a new website for a while because “Roblotter” confuses people and really it’s a shit website name for an artist. So I have plans to create a new line of products under the Gato Sueño label on a new website. Someday. But at least with the new label I can start motivating myself to push forward. I’ll let you know when I get closer to making it happen.

I’ll have this print in store soon. Keep an eye out for it on Etsy – which now takes guest orders without having to sign up for an account – and also on my own page linked above.


Copyright © 2016 Robert C. Olson

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