Snowy Sierra Dream

This past winter my wife and I visited the Sierras near Shaver Lake and it was absolutely breathtaking. It was my first time in the Sierra National Forest, outside of Yosemite, and it left its mark on me.

We rented a tiny cabin caked in snow making my romantic heart overflow with dreams of owning that cabin and escaping the hustle and bustle, you know, just whenever. Relaxing fireside in shushed quiet of the soft snow and empty streets. There’s nothing quite like the silence of snowfall which has the power to hush the howling world and your whirling thoughts.

Making this poster had its kinks. Like the others. I ordered the wrong paper, the color mixing was a little off, and the final size was ended up larger than I meant it to be, but like the other prints it turned out better than I expected. I like to joke with friends that if I hold low expectations I will never be let down, but honestly a lot of this stuff is new to me and I simply don’t know what to expect. Thankfully this is a fairly forgiving medium. If you make little mistakes it will still come out really nice.

The best part about any project is that moment when it becomes a physical object. There is a little rush of excitement seeing all those hours of sweating small details finally transform into a living, breathing monster.



Copyright © 2016 Robert C. Olson

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