Wander Sticker In Vinyl Triangle Format

Having a 9-5 makes it hard to keep your 5-9 going. Especially with the way this year has been going. But I’ve found time to pack the cracks in my mental health with a few more projects, always toying with the idea of what a real art shop might look like one day. So a while back I went to this company heard about called Sticker Robot (#notpaid) and had them print up a quick, small idea I had that would make a good addition to my (slowly) growing body of work in wilderness prints.

It’s so seems small in fact, that I haven’t really found a price that I can live with to sell the damn things. So lucky for you I’ve been dropping them in with orders on Etsy and handing them out to strangers like a creep. Don’t mind me. Just a guy hanging out in the bushes.

So, after years of kind-of putting out more work I finally seem to be locking into a strategy formed, more or less, by the whims of people interested in my work paired with a genuine sense of love for these amazing locations. We’re pretty fortunate to have so many beautiful places to visit and I hope to catch them all.

And, because of this enjoyment, I have been approached to partake in a show regarding a local hero and TV show host who endeavored to help the ailing California State Parks. The details are still pending a few conversations, but keep your radios tuned in for some new prints and, like, a legitimate art show?

I can’t get comfortable with this new reality. It doesn’t seem real and somebody is going to find out that I’m a fraud.


Copyright © 2017 Robert C. Olson

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