Connecting Inspiration


Micah Ganske, along with people like Simon StålenhagCold Design Ltd or Ian McQue, have made a living bringing the future into reality. Though I’m not sure how much Ganske does the sort of industrial design that others do for games or movies. However what interests me isn’t the design-y art work, but his take on inspiration.

I’ve been thinking about how inspiration works in my life and making connections is one way seeing the relationship between creative work and where ideas come from. However, my memory isn’t great and making connections can be a surreal experience if it happens at all. To a degree I feel more free although I do worry about losing it all one day.

What Ganske and I agree on here is that inspiration comes almost after the fact. I don’t think about connections before I start creating. I create and find connections stepping forward from the darkness while I’m working. It’s strange really. And makes it difficult to find and tap the endless well of inspiration.

For Ganske’s part speed plays an important role. For me it’s getting out of my seat and exploring the world.