Clark Gable Motorcycle

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The Harley Davidson 1934 RL was born to American legend. Conceived in the wake of the Great Depression and reaching maturity alongside American troops in WWII, this flathead V-twin broke new ground in motorcycle technology while helping Harley emerge as a preeminent manufacturer following the Depression.

Another American classic, Clark Gable, famed for Gone With The Wind, would purchase a RL in 1934 and ride into four of his movies: Chained, Manhattan Melodrama, Men in White, and It Happened One Night.

While Gable has been criticized by some as a dandy, his undeniable charisma and WWII cred flying missions over Europe make it hard to deny that Gable is truly a man apart. Nicknamed the King of Hollywood during his time, Gable and the RL seemed destined for one another.

This is the second in a three-part series offering tribute to the legends of motorcycling machinery and the men that rode, serving as inspiration to whiskey drinking and meat-eating.

Hand-pulled – manly style – means that no two posters are the same. Just like each legend is an individual, each print has it’s own personality, alive with the spirit of independence, freedom, and the dream to ride.

Now available for your man-cave at Etsy.



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