Video: Craftsmanship and Artistry of Michael Robbins

[vimeo w=750]

Honing a craft. It’s what drives us to build hobbies and create cools things for people to enjoy, sometimes without making a dime. Finding that passion within yourself to refine and develop a spirit, a skill, and happiness brings us immense sense of purpose and gratitude for a job well done, or a moment of peace from an otherwise chaotic life.

We are driven to hone a craft for no other reason than to simply be in our element. I for one have been striving to take my talents to a higher level. To create, not just detail, but to try and tap emotion and an inner calling that lives in all of us. And I think it’s pulling me in a new direction.

This month’s First Friday Video is mini-doc about Michael Robbins who makes beautiful furniture even though his training comes from a different place. Enjoy.