Tustin Art Walk


Time to take my show on the road and let the people of the world see how weird I truly am. The Old Town Tustin Art Walk may not be ready for me, but I am ready to see if I can hock my wares to the unbeknownst.

Come see me awkwardly negotiate the wine-infused people of Tustin as I try to pitch the greatness of hand-pulled screen prints of wild illustrations to otherwise normal people. Plus, I could probably use a friend to watch my crap as I try to take a quick pee break.

I’ll be somewhere near El Camino Real and Main Street in Tustin between 10:00 AM and 4 PM, come rain or shine. Major credit cards accepted.

For more info check out the city’s website

Post Turkey Day Art Show in Pomona


Pomona Art Show 11.9.14

Looking to work off the Thanksgiving dinner sleepies? Then check out Common Click’s next art show this weekend at DBA256 in Pomona and help some families in need. November 29, 3 PM to 12AM.