Video: Chuck Jones


[vimeo w=800]

The artist evolves. This is a central theme for all professions, but in the context of creative arts it comes down to spending time with the world and seeing the things that you can interpret in a different light. Looney Toons still makes me laugh and today’s video pulls back the curtain on the magic of Chuck Jones in these cartoons that continue to hold up against the test of time.

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Video: Space Inspires


There has been a lot of space adventures recently (Gravity, Interstellar) so I’m feeling a little inspired by space exploration. This month’s video comes to me from some friends (2014) who I think share that sense of wonder that will drive humanity to the stars.That grand dream may be more inspirational than any typography poster advice, reaching across all borders, religions, and political affiliation. What does it inspire in you?

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