Mouth Watering Beats of Jus Wan


Been catching up on some music that I’ve been meaning to dive into and for any of you looking for some chill beats to help you start your workweek, check out Jus Wan.

Out of Colorado and recent addition to San Francisco (well known for it’s electronic scene) Jus Wan was first introduced to me via “Miles Away”, whose light, rhythmic taps, buzzes, and chimes settling me in for that perfect trance-like state ideal for digging into a drawing. Don’t let that light trickle fool you though, the album, taking it’s name from the title track, draws from deeper, darker pools dripping with beats that nod to dub (of the old school reggae type, not this new euro shit) that always get your head bobbing.

Can’t find much more info on this guy and it doesn’t look like he’s played much since 2012, but I suspect that he’s a part of a breed that quietly shares his treats with the world rather than thumps his chest in bravado. If he makes it down to Los Angeles I’ll have to see for myself. In the mean time, enjoy.

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