Streetcar Poster Revisited

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Streetcar Restyle

Streetcar Poster 2

Back in March I finished a poster for Long Beach City College’s “A Streetcar Named Desire” (see it by clicking here), but it didn’t really sit right with me. So I made another design based on one of the last scenes in the show. Unlike the previous poster this one is completely my idea so you can see what a difference there is between the collaboration (March) and my solo work. This one was designed with my new obsession of screen print in mind. Maybe one day I’ll make it an actual screen print.

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Music: Sound Wave Poster

Sound Wave 2015 11x17 poster.

Sound Wave 2015 11×17 poster.

Having worked on the Sound Wave… music festival? Broadcast? Live radio and TV event? Whatever you call it, Sound Wave inspired me to create a poster to help market the stuff we are trying to do at Long Beach City College. Sound Wave is 6 hours of live music featuring bands from Long Beach all streamed online from KCTY and KLBC.

Poster is designed for digital 4/0 print on 11 x 17, 80 lb card stock. Line up is incomplete because, well, it hasn’t been planned yet.

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