The Perfectionist Dragon Hair-Do

Creativity, Random Thoughts

My hair stylist taught me everything that I know about not chasing the perfection dragon. Or at least provided a good prompt for writing about it.

We are about to wrap things up when the stylist pushes my freshly trimmed mop to the other side of my hipster part.

Video: An Englishman Talks About Cowboys


Brian Eno is a musician from way back who’s worked with dudes like David Bowie, U2, Coldplay and other big names. He’s also a painter with a minimalist bent. In today’s First Watch Eno talks about what creativity is and how it’s used with some really great pointers about perfection, nurturing innovation, and being ready.

If you or your degenerate friends have any videos to share about creativity, cowboys, or graphic arts, let me know and I’ll post it here on the first of the month – somewhere down the road.




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