Design Helps


Some people say that the problem with designers today is that we all think we are too good for the world. Entitled. The trouble is, we want to do meaningful work that has a positive impact on the world. Not just making money, but alleviating real problems. I studied global politics in college so that I can examine what it takes to lift people out of poverty. I still carry that with me, but the reality is that so few people have the opportunity (or desire) to help people switch gears.

As thoughtful creators it is our duty to think about the impact our work will have. While in my daily graphic design life that typically revolves around making someone else more money, it helps to remember that there are still cool things happening and it gives me hope that I too may be able to create something useful one day.

This video comes from Good Magazine by the way and if you are looking for more stuff like this I suggest you check out their website. Good job Art Center College of Design.