Printing With Uncle Rob


A short process video. Because I think some learn better visually.

I take you through the process of making a single print color and while it is the short version leaving out many smaller details, I think it’ll give you and idea of what goes into making a print. Remember, I have to do this process for each single color.

Video: Digital Illustration, Dutch Style


First of the month means First Watch and today we have a process video (recording of the artist working at twice the speed). As you may know I love process videos because you can learn from other artists, but my entire life people have been looking over my shoulder to see what I’m creating – we are all simply excited about the creative process!

Lois van Baarle is the Dutch artist behind the scenes and you can find her at

If you have a video suggestion for First Watch let me know!




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Video: Wicked Wolf



It’s the 1st of the month. That means 1st Watch is back with some wicked illustration process reel.

My wife turned me on to Hydro 74 a while back and I really love his style. The self proclaimed purveyor of sin has made a name for himself as an illustrator of all things bad ass. If you like what you see you should check out his site:

Process videos are great for people like me to see how other illustrators do the deed, but I think you’ll like the inside look at what goes into this phenomenal art.

Every month I try to come up with cool videos so if you have any suggestions, let me know.



Copyright 2014 © Robert C. Olson