Robots Rule

Robot Junkie


There’s something about robots that I cannot get enough of. I think I was meant to be an industrial designer, creating sleek lines like a luxury car on a self propelled automaton. This video comes by way of Imgur (thanks Imgurians) and will probably stir up some robot sketches.

Video: Man Vs Machine

[vimeo w=750]

It fascinates me that technology is invading our sense of humanity more and more every day. Jobs that we once thought were safe from mechanization and automation are coming under pressure as information and computing power advance. The under lying questions are existential: what, if anything, makes us special? What will we do if we completely automate our lives?

Today’s video doesn’t necessarily propose or answer such conundrums, but it does pose some very frightening possibilities for our future.

See you next month.

Music: Sound Wave Poster

Sound Wave 2015 11x17 poster.

Sound Wave 2015 11×17 poster.

Having worked on the Sound Wave… music festival? Broadcast? Live radio and TV event? Whatever you call it, Sound Wave inspired me to create a poster to help market the stuff we are trying to do at Long Beach City College. Sound Wave is 6 hours of live music featuring bands from Long Beach all streamed online from KCTY and KLBC.

Poster is designed for digital 4/0 print on 11 x 17, 80 lb card stock. Line up is incomplete because, well, it hasn’t been planned yet.

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