Video: Space Inspires


There has been a lot of space adventures recently (Gravity, Interstellar) so I’m feeling a little inspired by space exploration. This month’s video comes to me from some friends (2014) who I think share that sense of wonder that will drive humanity to the stars.That grand dream may be more inspirational than any typography poster advice, reaching across all borders, religions, and political affiliation. What does it inspire in you?

Every month I share videos about graphic design, illustration, or print. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Retro Astronaut

Graphic Design


This retro-styled astronaut was a fun self-generated project started back in January. This image just kind of seeped into my head and since I’ve been a little screen print crazy lately I decided to see what I could do with enough time. I hope to be doing a lot more of this kind of work. I might add some typography to make it look more like a recruitment poster – not sure yet – but if you like it, how about rating this post below?