Video: Starting As A Creative


First of the month means First Watch, that time when you get to see videos about graphic arts. Today’s video is not about graphic art exactly, but about the creative process when starting out. Ira Glass is a phenomenal story teller for This American Life. I highly recommend this show if you are not already addicted.

I’ve heard this interview before, but the video is fun to watch and Ira’s words are very inspiring so eff it. Enjoy!

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Real Stories From The Freelance Front Lines


Freelancer's Union


Freelancers face very different challenges than most businesses. With few protections and practically no safety nets, freelancers walk the tight rope often without training or shared wisdom. However, one organization is trying to change that. Freelancer’s Union, a non profit dedicated to helping freelancers, has been collecting stories about people’s experiences in the independent workforce since the summer of 2011.

On Tuesday I had the honor of becoming a contributor to the growing collection of stories about the freelance life. While my story talks about how I ended up becoming a freelancer, many others have shared advice and wisdom about their lives as freelancers and how they stayed positive through the many challenges faced. One story shares how a freelancer works to support herself while suffering from physical handicaps. Because it’s the only job that allows her to take the time needed to work around her illnesses, she finds great satisfaction in being a freelancer, despite the fact that freelancers are not protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Being a freelancer can be harrowing, but because of that I would say that the rewards are greater. Freedom, being your own boss, working in your pajamas, and having the pride that comes with knowing you are self reliant is what this lifestyle offers for those who can tough it out. So if you are considering the life, or just curious about some of the war stories, be sure to check out what others have shared and spread the word.