Streetcar Poster Revisited

Graphic Design
Streetcar Restyle

Streetcar Poster 2

Back in March I finished a poster for Long Beach City College’s “A Streetcar Named Desire” (see it by clicking here), but it didn’t really sit right with me. So I made another design based on one of the last scenes in the show. Unlike the previous poster this one is completely my idea so you can see what a difference there is between the collaboration (March) and my solo work. This one was designed with my new obsession of screen print in mind. Maybe one day I’ll make it an actual screen print.

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Streetcar Poster

Graphic Design
A Streetcar Named Desire

Poster for A Streetcar Named Desire

Commissioned by Tony Carreiro, director of the acclaimed show A Streetcar Named Desire for Long Beach City College. Show dates March 6 to March 16, 2013.