Tustin Art Walk 2016

Tustin Art Walk II


Last year was my first run at the local Art Walk and this year I’m happy to say that I’m really excited to return. I’ll be bringing a whole new game to the Art Walk this year including new prints (with one in the pipe), a new booth set-up, and a year’s worth of experience on the road.

I had a pleasant experience last time and this show has been my biggest money maker. So I’m excited to return for that reason, but it’s also home and where I got my start. I’ll be interested to see if the scene is still dominated by an older crowd. The demographics have changed a little since last time and with any luck I won’t be the minority young person in the crowd this year. Then again, I might have been at an advantage there.

As usual the Tustin Art Walk will be held in Old Town Tustin at the cross streets of El Camino Real and Main Street. Just off the freeway where the 5 and the 55 meet.

The show will run from 12:00 PM to 5:30 PM and there will be booze including a new beer garden (we’ll see if there are any craft brews worth tasting), wine tasting, and music. Should be a nice day in Old Town and you can make a day of it by visiting some of the new restaurants that have been added like the El Camino Cafe (a personal favorite).

Not sure what the attendance looks like from the vendor’s side. Last time I checked there were a few gaps in the map, but I expect it to be busy nonetheless.

I will be near Freesoulcaffe near Main Street and Prospect Avenue.

See you there!

Tustin Art Walk Location, Old Town.