Information Is Not What You Think


In this video by Maya, a design consultancy and communication technology firm, there is a wonderful explanation describing the complexity of communicating information and how difficult it can be to tame it. The job of a designer is to get to the essence of information so that it can bridge the gap between you and your audience members. This often creates a need that we often find hard to achieve: specificity. But pay attention to what your designer is telling you, because as a professional communicator, he should be able to craft the message based on the core ideas that you may not have even noticed.

Design in Branding


This brief video runs through the design elements contained in design. Very important considerations when building a business, organization, or other entity that you want to become established in a competitive world. Also a good reason to hire a professional *wink-wink*; enjoy!


With the new iOS released, Twitter is reminding us that they have a new “Header” feature for your feed. This allows you to upload an image to your landing page that will live at the top of your stream for viewers to see and enjoy. Nice for adding to your branding efforts, but a bit awkward.

Here are some tips for adding your own: you can upload an new image by following this path: Settings (gear symbol)/Design/Header. Twitter says that you should format your image to 1200 pixels by 600 pixels (pretty big; a little more than 16 inches by 8 inches).

Since twitter takes your bio and places it in white text, center aligned, right trough the middle of your image, make sure that you don’t have anything white or light colored in the background. It’s best to use the far left or far right side of the frame. Dark-color backgrounds are best, of course.

Here are some fun ideas.

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