Video: Eco Design


People talk about how design plays an important role in creating change in our environment. For the most part this is about a message, but occasionally you get some genius

Video: Human Communication


This month’s First Watch brings you Typographer and Graphic Designer Erik Spiekermann. He’s been making the rounds online at the time of this writing, but goes back to that essence of communication. If I ever get up the nerve to redesign governments forms there could be a good market there… and if you use this idea all I ask for is a finder’s fee of 5%.

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Video: The Human Element


First Watch back again with a segment from The Creative Class Series featuring graphic designer and typographer Stefan Sagmeister of New York based Sagmeister & Walsh. I totally agree with his sentiment about taking machines out of the equation. Let’s have more human interactions. See the humanity in the things we create.

Then again, without the tools that I’m using right now I wouldn’t be here talking to you, showing my creations. What do you think?

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Artist Highlight: Seanwes

Business, Graphic Design

Sean McCabe is a typographist, a word I just made up, and the man behind Seanwes where Sean’s hand lettering inspires us to just give up on typography. By accident I came across McCabe while searching “how to give myself eye surgery with a Micron pen” and saw that he had some really fantastic work. So I’m sharing this here, not just because he make letters cool, but because I am always fascinated by how people got their start.

Typography: Quick History


The History of Typography – Animated Short from Ben Barrett-Forrest on Vimeo.

This short provides a great intro to how certain forms of type came into being and demonstrates that form follows function, as the saying goes. This is true of all design and something haunts all designers who constantly seek out refinement. When considering type, it can be good to have a historical perspective. For instance, if you are looking for something with that old flare, you will probably lean toward a Serif font; for a newer edge, San Serif.