Wedding: Up Inspired Poster

Schutz Wedding Poster 2014

Schutz Wedding Poster 2014

Our friends recently married with a theme inspired by the Disney movie “Up”and I created this 11×17 digital print as a gift. Congratulations you two!



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Wedding: Inspirational Quote Poster

Graphic Design
Wedding Poster

Quotes Wedding Poster

Our wonderful friends got married in April and like any DIY get-together, they had a lot on their plate, so they asked my wife and I to help out with some of the design. This image was handed off to me with the instructions that it had to be 11 in. x17 in. and that was it – blank check. At first I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but it slowly came to me as I worked on placing text. The final result was crunched together and if I had more time I might have done cooler things, but for a last minute project everyone seemed very pleased!

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Oh and have a nice Memorial Day too!



Copyright 2014 © Robert C. Olson

Wedding Owl



A friend of ours got married over Memorial Day weekend and instead of buying a card to attach to their wedding gift I thought it would be a nice touch to create a card especially for the newlyweds.

The inspiration came from a roll of craft paper found at World Market to wrap the gift. The owl pattern had a retro look that is really popular right now which uses subdued colors. I tried to match a couple of the colors and purchased ribbon to go with it as well – the straw kind that comes in multiple strands. I’m sure there is a name for that kind of ribbon that I’m not aware of, but the point here is that the whole thing was “tied” together nicely.

The inside of the card reads, “Owl you need is love.”

Ampersand Custom Business Card


Ampersand Events is Ben Penman, a close friend of mine who, like many small business owners, offers a lot of service. Recently Ben has begun pulling his branding efforts together and asked me to help create a coherent design. It has been a lot of work, but the results are pretty slick — if don’t say so myself.





A Little Background:

The original sketched concept used an M.C. Escher passion called tessellations — geometric patterns that, in Escher’s work, led to some interesting transitional pieces. A tessellation would work perfectly for brand repetition while suggesting motion in the design which has become a core concept for Ampersand’s identity. Ben suggested that we use the Bokeh (Japanese style of out-of-focus photography) background to help convey the lighting side of the business, which also matches the website. He also had the notion of incorporating the wave pattern that we created with the original logo design.

Specialized Printing:

After several drafts and some time researching unusual materials we decided to go with silk laminate, 16 pt cards with both foil and spot UV. As you can see in the videos above the effects are eye catching. Total cost from start to finish was about $300 for administrative costs, design, and 500 business cards. The entire process took three weeks, mainly to tweak the design.